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Post by Abayy! on Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:59 pm

[Recruitment #1] Samuel Francisco LSPD%20GGRP_zpsmtpn8e8h
A. Biodata
 1. Nama : Samuel Francisco
 2. Umur : 22
 3. Tempat, tanggal lahir : Canada, 03-06-1993
 4. Pekerjaan : Mechanic
 5. Biografi/Kisah hidup (Minimal 150Kata) :
Her name Samuel Francisco She was born on January 21, 1990. He was born in Italy but grew up in England. His father name is Christopher Rizzi, whose father was a wealthy businessman, and he has companies everywhere. His mother name is Veronica Osvaldo, he was a very famous designer. His work was already widespread in many countries. Once when the mother's birthday, his father bought three apartments and two pieces of fruit a very large mall. One apartment on Francis, an apartment in Japan, and an apartment in America. Later He has a younger sister, her name is Luciana Razzi. Her sister is a powerful spy who has been certified by the United States. Her brother is a spy with the right hand. He has always given the dangerous task, but he always succeeded in doing its job. And his sister never failed in his mission, and therefore he became the right hand of America.

        Samuel himself was a mechanic. He always create something according to his imagination. Last year he created a new car that no one has ever found it. He is a mechanical pride of Japan. Something he created, always bought expensive by the Japanese. He managed to create a very intelligent military robots to protect the State. Japan was very impressed with what he has made this time. Japanese say, military robots work he was the best work he has ever created. Later yesterday he made the sun's heat-resistant aircraft. The aircraft has been tested and successfully withstand the heat of the sun. Today the aircraft was purchased by Japan at 15 trillion (in US dollars). Then he managed to create a very sophisticated aircraft. If the aircraft lost control and crashed into the sea water, the plane will not be destroyed melaikan automatically he will turn into a submarine large. And if the plane was out of control and will fall to the ground then he will automatically issue a special parachute and turn into a very large car. And soon he would make something that shocked the world.

       Not easy to be a Samuel and his family at this time. He must go through trials of life is very difficult. In the past people always underestimate mengaggap father's business plan, but now they need a business plan father. Her mother used to dress works always despised others, but now people realize that the work is very good mother. Weak sister first highly regarded by other States because it is still not reliable to be a spy. But Americans believe that his brother would be a reliable spy ago America was coaching. And finally the Americans succeeded in making his brother being a spy is superb, and the whole country wants to buy it. It's all because we worked hard in life.
 6. Berat badan : 65 kg.
 7. Tinggi badan : 175 cm
 8. Fotokopi Akte lahir ((SS /stats)) :
[Recruitment #1] Samuel Francisco Sa_mp_000
 9. Fotokopi KTP ((SS KTP)) : Not have, do not member of Gov.

B. Question
1.Menurutmu sendiri, apa yang dimaksud menjadi seorang polisi? Jelaskan A police officer is a city that keeps her from criminals, or robbery and rape
2.Apakah anda pernah masuk kedalam catatan kriminal atau mendekam di penjara? No.
3.Apakah anda punya pengalaman dalam kepolisian ? Ya, saya dulu pernah sekolah academy di Canada.

((OOC Question))
1.Nama asli : Akbar Simamora
2.Jenis kelamin : Male
3.Level Character OOC (Minimal level 3) : 1
4.Tempat, Tanggal lahir : Medan, Sumatra Utara
5.Jelaskan apa itu Roleplay, dan basic-basicnya : di ingame aja.
6.Apakah anda siap menerima resiko apapun yang akan terjadi selama anda bergabung di LSPD? : Ya
7.Dimanakah anda bermain? : Warnet
8.Apakah anda memiliki Aplikasi Team Speak dan Microphone : TENTU !

Dengan ini saya sudah mengisi formulir dengan jujur , Jika saya berbohong atau memalsukan isi formulir ini saya siap untuk di berhentikan menjadi LSPD , Dengan ini saya sudah sangat yakin untuk menjadi salah satu anggota LSPD dan saya siap mempertagung jawabkan semua yang saya lakukan di LSPD , Jika saya salah saya akan menerima sanksi yang telah di tetapkan.


Samuel Francisco


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[Recruitment #1] Samuel Francisco Empty Re: [Recruitment #1] Samuel Francisco

Post by theHEROIC on Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:26 pm

[Recruitment #1] Samuel Francisco LSPD%20GGRP_zpsmtpn8e8h

Silahkan naikan level IG ke level 3 , kalau sudah hub kami di IG , kami akan langsung ngetest anda siapkan mic dan TSnya , terima kasih.

Salam Hormat

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