Out Of Character thing ( Join & Tips & Rules )

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Out Of Character thing ( Join & Tips & Rules )

Post by AJK on Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:00 pm

Sticker :

• Jangan menyerang Faction lain/Families lain tanpa ada konfirmasi dari President.
• Ketika mendapat 3x Jail dengan alasan yang bodoh, EX: ( PG,MG,Mixxing ) anda akan di kick dari faction.
• Minimalisirkan /b di dalam In Game.
• Anda harus mempunyai motor seperti, Wayfarer, or Freeway.
• Don't being Trigger Happy or we will kick you out from this families and also CK your Character.
• Ketika anda bergabung dan menjadi PROSPECT, Faction mempunyai hak untuk melakukan CK pada anda bila anda tidak menaati peraturan.
• Do not provoke LEO.
• Pentingkan kehidupan nyata daripada in game, yang penting konfirmasi aja.
• Hanya dapat menyimpan 1 senjata dalam motor Contoh: 1 shotgun, tetapi bisa menyimpan 2 senjata bila senjata kedua itu pistol, ini untuk menjaga dan menjauhkan dari Power Gaming.
• Untuk di badan/tangan anda dapat membawa 2 senjata yang 1 senjata berat dan 1 lagi pistol, untuk menjaga dan menjauhkan dari Power Gaming.
Contoh :
• AK47 dan Desert Eagle
• Shotgun dan Desert Eagle
• AK 47 dan 9mm
• Shotgun dan 9mm

How To Join
• Find US in the middle of Los Santos
• Talk to us
• You have to be patience
• All Race is welcome
• English/Indonesia Language
• You need to have motorcycles, such as Wayfarer, and Freeway.
• You need to read our GUIDE Biker's Life

• Use your common sense, at all times, for the love of God, please.
• You need to have patience, it's a virtue. We'll beat you, we'll tell you to fuck yourself, but in the long end, it's rewarding.
• One thing very important is to create your own roleplay, and don't be just a apathetic person, waiting to be given orders.
• It's nice to have people trying to show off their skills, what they've researched and so on, but to overexaggerate is just...
• What you learn during RP is one of the finest things, but you can also look into things like engines, models, and research other things.


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