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• President - The leader. The boss. The general. He makes the decisions regarding the chapter and it's members. He decides everything that happens in the club. Everything that has a high priority goes trough the president before it gets done. He keeps them in line as the leader, checking everything and finally making sure each decision is the best for the club and not egocentric.

• Vice President - Leads the chapter in the absence of President. Got the same sayings as the president but still the President is numero uno.
• Road Captain - Responsible for all club runs. Responsible to research and organize the runs. He's entitled to being the highest ranking at the scene after President and Vice-President at a stop during a run. He shall also inform the Treasurer about every run, travel-plans and other information regarding the run.

• Enforcer - Same as the Sergeant-at-arms. The Enforcer is responsible for discipline and ensuring that the Bylaws & Rules are followed. He's responsible to keep the guys in line at events. He's also responsible for the safety and security of the club, protection and defence of its members and prospects. He shall inform the President about people stepping out of line and therefore the President shall give him further information about how to proceed with the person. Generally is muscles for the club, keeping shit together.

• Treasurer - Deals with all the finances of the club, cuts and fees. He's the one who keeps record of all the expenses and incomes. He's responsible to update every church the clubs financial standings in a written report.

• Patched Member - A fully patched in member. They've succeeded the test of being a prospect and earned the respect of the gang. They're not representing the gang with their top rocker. They're ordering the prospects, since the prospects are oblieged to obey fully patched members and above, and they also attend Church.

• Hangaraound - The outsider. They'll work for the gang, helping them with whatever the patched in members need. You can call them servants. They're not allowed to attend church, or vote. They're the one who fetches you drinks and scrubs the toilets clean. It's a testing-period of your commitment to the club. Friendly tip, don't come bitching, it will just make things worse. They don't fly the full colors of the Sons.

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Original Skin:

President Skin : 248
Hierarchy & Character Skin_248
V. President Skin : 100
Hierarchy & Character Skin_100
Road Captain Skin : 254
Hierarchy & Character Skin_254
Treasurer Skin : 42
Hierarchy & Character Skin_42
Patched Member Skin : 247
Hierarchy & Character Skin_247
Prospect Skin : 291
Hierarchy & Character Skin_291
You need to obey this rules.

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The club uses a variety of unique weapons including;

Industrial Flashlight: Kebanyakan anggota mempunyai beberapa barang-barang dari kepolisian, seperti Senter Besi dengan ketebalan 12-17cm, senter ini dinamakan "Kill-Light" dan di pakai untuk mengepung serta membunuh.

Padlock Bandana (Sap): Senjata unik yang lainnya yaitu Gembok Besi yang di balut dengan bandana berwarna hitam atau merah, senjata ini biasanya di taruh di saku belakang dan terlihat hanya seperti bandana biasa, tetapi sebenarnya itu adalah Gembok Besi jika sekali di pukul ke kepala orang maka orang itu akan jatuh pingsan.

Rings: Anggota mempunyai cincin besi, dan menggunakan besi-besi tajam, cincin ini di gunakan untuk memukul orang karena hanya dengan 1 pukulan maka luka besar akan terbuka, beberapa anggota memakai cincin yang mempunyai logo Sons Of SIlence.

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