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   The Sons of Silence (SOS) are another “1%er” motorcycle gang that was founded in Niwot, Colorado in 1966 and featured in a 2009 episode of Gangland on The History Channel. Since 1966 The Sons of Silence have spread across the United States, with concentrations in the eastern U.S. They also have several chapters spread throughout Germany.

   The Sons of Silence have adopted the motto “Donec Mors Non Seperat”, which is Latin for “Until Death Separates Us”. The club patch has been adopted from the American Eagle logo used by the Budweiser beer company and bears an eagle superimposed over the letter 'A' with their motto underneath. The logo is embroidered onto the back of all members' jackets or vests.

   In October of 1999, thirty-seven members of the Sons of Silence were arrested on drug trafficking and illegal weapons charges during one of Denver’s largest federal undercover operations. During the raids, The ATF seized twenty pounds of methamphetamine, thirty-five firearms, four hand grenades, two silencers as well as cash and motorcycles. The investigation began in 1997 and involved two undercover agents infiltrating the club. The gang was featured in a 2009 episode of Gangland, which included interviews with one of the undercover agents who infiltrated the club, "BO".

   In December 2015, a new chapter was formed within the state of San Andreas under the reign of President Kurt Anderson, Sons Of Silence have a new atitude and all atitude change start from here.

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