[Refund Report] Van_Caplinso

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[Refund Report] Van_Caplinso

Post by Van_Caplinso on Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:59 pm

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Refund Report

Your IG Namer:Van Caplinso (In Game Name kamu)
Your Real Name: Achmad Nugroho Fauzan (Nama Real Life)
What kind of item: Business Clothing (example: vehicle)
Amount: 1(example: 3)
Date & Time:24/10/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy, --:--)
Your proves: (Min. 3 different screenshots or Chatlog)
Description: Kan waktu itu MT gara VPS Down tiba" Bisnis gua ilang and gua tanya dakota katanya refund di forum ok udah tinggal di refund coy (Explain what happened, min. 200 words or more)

I responsible for what I have written above, I am willing to accept any kind of punishment from the admin if I am proven guilty, even a permanent ban.

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Re: [Refund Report] Van_Caplinso

Post by AlcZog on Thu Dec 24, 2015 1:17 pm

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